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100 years of wire mesh expertise

Wire Weaving Dinxperlo is your number one partner for high-quality wire mesh when you need anything from a fine-meshed wire-mesh filter for industrial applications to welded flower mesh for horticulture or woven designer mesh for an exclusive building façade. Since 1917, we have produced multifaceted wire mesh solutions for clients around the globe.

Product catalog

You can download an overview of our standard specifications here (.xlsx).

Endless connection

We love to make connections: connecting people, connecting business relations and connecting metal wire. We make long-term connections that our clients can always depend on.

In-house production

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of our highly skilled and highly motivated professionals, our 13,000m2 production location and our vast experience in global projects, we can create pretty much any wire mesh product you need. We can also perform follow-up treatment in-house, such as powder coating, galvanisation, rolling, annealing and cleaning.

Our regular mesh products are deliverable from stock and our team is always happy to help with any innovative tailor-made solutions you may require. Whatever the question, we have a product specialist who can provide the answer. They are experienced professionals who think in terms of solutions and know the practical side of the trade through and through.

Feel free to let us know what you are looking for: we strive to be your perfect partner for wire mesh solutions!