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Research and Development


Wire Weaving Dinxperlo can call upon a century’s worth of experience and the specialist knowledge of its skilled professionals to produce made-to-measure wire mesh solutions. By combining our skills with your market knowledge, a co-makership project is established, creating tailor-made solutions that transcend conventional boundaries. We greatly enjoy learning from you during these projects! For this reason, we prefer to closely collaborate with you on development projects that build upon existing products or create new products. We look forward to the challenge of finding the perfect tailor-made solution for you!

Protocol for new products

Naturally, our tailor-made products made from welded and woven mesh must also comply with our strict quality standards. We therefore also follow a meticulous protocol during our tailor-made projects. In most cases, we begin with a pilot process in which the predefined report criteria must be satisfied. If they are not, then we start again from scratch. These sorts of pilots are conducted under the supervision of our engineers.

Knowledge partners

In order to achieve our goals, we intensively collaborate with a variety of renowned knowledge institutions. These partnerships enable us to incorporate the very latest insights and technology into our products.

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