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Because the practice is the best proof, we show you some customized products, developed by Wire Weaving Co. Dinxperlo and produced for our clients. These are just some of the solutions that we have devised. Our wire mesh products of woven and welded wire mesh go all over the world.

Faraday cage at Teylers Museum

In May 2017 the new Lorentz Laboratory in the Teylers Museum was opened. Named after Nobel prize winner Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, famous for his research into electromagnetism. The new lab includes a working replica of the Large Electrostatic Generator. This machine is a high-voltage generator that produces electrical discharges and emits electromagnetic radiation. To protect the public, employees and building infrastructure, we designed, built and installed a Faraday cage. The charged parts of the machine are located inside it. The design of the cage is fully in keeping with a hundred-year-old lab. Despite several openings such as that of the driveshaft, it is completely sealed. It therefore provides a safe radiation shield while allowing visitors a good view. We are proud to be part of this historical project. www.teylersmuseum.nl

 Animal shelters Natura Artis Magistra

We have been closely involved in the new development and renovation of various animal shelters for a number of years now. Thanks to intensive contact with the client, architect and project manager, we have meanwhile successfully realised a variety of animal-friendly shelters. From thinking along in the design phase to being part of the assembly.


Optimisation paper moulded mesh

We are a reliable partner for the packaging industry. As the complexity of the shapes is ever increasing, it is important that the mechanical characteristics of the fine-meshed fabric in particular are perfectly in keeping with the wants and needs of the client.


Fall protection Q-park Den Haag

A challenge on our part to transform the ideas of the architect into actual practice. Which resulted in the case of the parking garage Q-Park in The Hague in a beautiful and safe environment and, equally important, a satisfied client!


Experienced product specialists

Do you have a question? Feel free to call one of our product specialists. They are experienced professionals who would love to think with you. They  know many practical situations because they can draw on a wealth of experience.

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Are you in search of a customized wire mesh product? During the manufacturing process we maintain intensive contact with you. That is what we understand with customer oriented and this leads the best solutions.

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