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Toile métallique pour airbags


Airbags save many lives each year. The airbag is activated in a crash, resulting in a rapid chemical reaction and the cushion being inflated in a fraction of a second. Our airbag mesh helps to filter the extreme heat and other adverse effects of this chemical reaction so that the driver and passengers do not come into contact with it.

Wire Weaving Dinxperlo produces this airbag mesh precisely in line with the buyer’s wishes. Thanks to our video monitoring, we supply an unwaveringly high standard of quality upon which the buyer can rely. This entails us paying close attention to such factors as a consistent mesh width, wire thickness and weight. This quality is also evident from the ISO certificates we hold.

Want to find out more about the options and the properties of our airbag mesh? Or about other uses for mesh in the automotive industry? Our product specialists will be happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us: +31 (0)315 – 659805.


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