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Cacao industry

Filter and support mats for the cacao industry

Due to the high quality and sustainability of our product, which we can deliver very consistently, our wire mesh is used all over the world by leading companies in the cacao industry. For an optimal yield from your cacao press, it is very important for the wire mesh in your filter and/or support mats to fit the press perfectly. The cacao mass has to be filtered properly, and the cacao butter must be pressed through the cacao mesh with extreme efficiency. Our years of experience and extensive collaboration in developing and optimising cacao filter and support mats enable us to meet almost every request. We are happy to use this experience to answer your specific questions!

Magnetically woven wire mesh

Over the past 100 years, we have developed and optimised a wide variety of specifications for the cacao industry. For this industry, we produce various specifications of wire mesh in both high-quality white iron and magnetic stainless steel. We can produce any desired type of filter, to fit any press and any diameter. We can also custom-produce filters with folded edges or complete support packs comprising multiple filter layers for you.


Would you like further information on the possible options? Our product specialists are solution-oriented and would be happy to provide you with advice. Contact us at +31 (0)315 – 659805 or send an e-mail to dinxperlo@wireweaving.com.


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