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Screen printing

Wire Weaving Co. Dinxperlo have been producing screen printing mesh for years. The screen printing mesh that we produce, will not show any different shades in your finished product. It is completely clean, has no creases, folds, lines or cuts. Weaving flaws and thickness differences do not occur. In short; our screen printing mesh meets the strictest technical quality requirements.

Clamping service

Would you like your sieves clamped? You are welcome to use our professional clamping service. Do you need the sieve back quickly? We try to meet your needs as much as possible. Everything is done in proper consultation!

Stainless steel screen printing mesh

Screen printing mesh is produced exclusively from stainless steel. For certain applications calandared types are needed. This mesh is rolled. An important characteristic of this rolled mesh? With the same wire diameter and mesh width there is a reduced thickness, requiring less ink.

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Would you like more information on sieve press mesh? Do not hesitate to contact us. +31 (0) 315 6598 05.


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