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Aviary mesh

As well as being a safe environment for animals, aviaries also present a great opportunity for people to admire them up close. The most important part of an aviary is the mesh. This needs to have correct mesh size to keep the animals in and yet keep unwelcome animals out. Furthermore, the mesh size and finish of the aviary mesh are extremely important when it comes to ensuring visitors’ view and experience.

Throughout Europe you will find aviaries incorporating mesh from Wire Weaving Dinxperlo. A fact that corroborates our decades of experience and unwavering product quality. In collaboration with the customer, architect and contractor, we develop and produce the desired aviary. We make our durable woven and welded aviary mesh with the interests of both people and animals in mind. Hence our mesh does not contain any sharp wire ends or harmful plastic coating, making it animal-friendly. In addition, our (optional) black powder coating (plastic-free) ensures an optimum visitor experience due to the fact that the visibility through this black coating is many times better than is the case with uncoated wire mesh. Meaning we are creating a unique experience for both people and animals!

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