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Powdercoated mesh

Powdercoated mesh, or epoxy-coated mesh made of aluminium and steel, is high-quality mesh treated with a powder coating (or epoxy coating). This coating is applied once the mesh has been fully pretreated to ensure that the coating adheres properly. Thanks to this pretreatment and the high-quality coating, the epoxy layer provides optimum protection and reinforces the mesh. We can powdercoat virtually any mesh specification in line with customers’ wishes.

Reliable material of a consistently high standard of quality is extremely important in such sectors as the automotive industry and in the manufacture of hydraulic machinery. In order to guarantee safety and be able to supply a consistently high standard of quality, manufacturers in these industries commonly work exclusively with certified suppliers. We are proud to be one such certified supplier of powdercoated (epoxy-coated) mesh for a large number of major and minor names in this industry.

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