Endless connection Endless connection
19 April 2016

Endless Connection

At the end of 2015, we subjected our brand to careful scrutinization. What emerged as a result of this process? First and foremost, we identified our employees and clients’ dedication, our company’s high level of craftsmanship and our dogged determination to be the best at what we do. Making a connection is central to everything we do – be it the tight-knit, long-lasting connection to you and our employees, or the solid connection between the strands of wire in our wire mesh products. Our new slogan, ‘Endless Connection’, emphasizes the long-lasting connections that you can rely on – today and in the future.

Even our brand name has undergone a minor tweak. Over the decades, our name has appeared in a wide range of forms. The name ‘Wire Weaving Dinxperlo’, as incorporated into our revamped logo, aims to bring uniformity and clarity. As a tribute to our rich history, our logo retains the letters ‘MD’, which for decades have been associated with our company’s name in Dutch, ‘Metaalgaasweverij Dinxperlo’. We’re proud of the result and can’t wait to present the all-new Wire Weaving Dinxperlo.


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