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23 November 2015

Wire Weaving Co. Dinxperlo adopts hyacinth macaws in Artis

Do you know what hyacinth macaws are? Hyacinth macaws are the panda bears of the parrot community. They are beautiful birds that are loved around the for their extraordinary appearance, sweet disposition and rareness. We would like to preserve these birds for our planet.

Artis takes good care of hyacinth macaws

Breeding hyacinth macaws is not an easy task. They need spacious housing, including a heated night shelter, a good ground cover, nesting block and a diet rich in fats. These basic needs optimise the brooding process. Hyacinth macaws are quite choosy when it comes to selecting a partner ‘for life’. They are completely monogamous.

Artis is building new shelters

As Artis is building new shelters and working hard to improve and expand existing shelters, all of the animals will see their quality of life improve. Wire Weaving Co. Dinxperlo is one of the partners that is helping to build the ‘new styler’ animal accommodations. Among other things, our metal wire netting has been used in the renovation of the birdhouses for the hyacinth macaws. Because our wire mesh is more durable and absolutely animal-friendly. In cooperation with Artis and the architect, it was decided to treat the wire mesh with a UV-resistant black powder coating. Thanks to the new design, the public has an even better view of these birds.

Annual contribution helps

With the annual contribution of Wire Weaving Co. Dinxperlo to the Natura Artis Magistra Foundation, we do our bit towards maintaining and further developing Artis. Our support furthermore benefits (international) breeding programmes for animal species at risk.

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